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Inclusion Requires Soft Skills Too



We firmly believe that a combination of know-how and soft skills is the key to success. That’s why TotalEnergies Foundation is involved in several projects designed to unleash young people’s full potential, in ways that go beyond academic and technical knowledge. Skills such as knowing how to adapt to different situations, manage stress, stay motivated, control your emotions and understand unspoken workplace rules can all make a big difference in the world of work. With this in mind, some forty TotalEnergies employees have pitched in alongside Institut Télémaque to tutor promising young people from priority neighborhoods. Three such students and their mentors joined around 40 ninth graders on January 19, 2019 to take part in workshops intended to develop their potential. TotalEnergies Foundation also supports the Eloquentia public-speaking program, because verbal agility and self-confidence are major assets when taking a job interview or presenting career plans. Lastly, TotalEnergies Foundation nurtures budding talent by developing young people’s perseverance, drive and teamwork abilities through sport in partnership with nonprofit Sport dans la Ville, which aims to open 40 new centers by 2024.