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23/07/2021 News

In France, Frédéric Fights Food Waste

Frédéric lives in the Paris region with his family, where he works as Senior Manager, R&D Strategy & Prospective Labs at TotalEnergies. He decided to take part in the Action! program, which allows employees to devote up to three days of their working time per year to citizenship initiatives. So, he volunteered with Le Chaînon Manquant to help combat food waste by repurposing unsold food products.


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TotalEnergies Employees Take Action!


Each year, France produces 10 million tons of food waste, 1.2 million tons of which is still edible. At the same time, 8 million people are suffering from food insecurity. Le Chaînon Manquant collects unused food from restaurants, takeout stores and other food outlets and redistributes it to a network of partners in the social economy. Thanks to the joint efforts of these nonprofits, businesses and volunteers, 200,000 meals are served every year to those most in need.

Like Frédéric, almost 7,500 TotalEnergies employees in 78 countries have volunteered for a citizenship initiative under the Action! program since late 2018.