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Omar Victor Diop, Capturing African Vitality From Behind the Lens

©Omar Victor Diop

Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop, whose photos reveal an optimistic, fantastical and multi-colored Africa, designed the visual identity for the Africa2020 Season. Discovered at the 2011 African Photography Encounters event in Bamako, he casts a proud and contemporary gaze on Africa through his work, capturing the diversity, grace and vitality of the black population. Diop explores the history and heritage of Africa’s people and diaspora as well as turning his politically conscious lens on the rest of the world. His studio portraits mix costumes, decoration and staging to showcase young generations’ modernity, creativity and thirst for freedom. Having studied in Paris and exhibited in Arles and at the Grand Palais and the Louis Vuitton Foundation, Diop has a special connection with France.